Frequently Asked Questions

What program/tools do you use to make digital art?
I use a program called Paint Tool SAI for painting and sketching, and Adobe Photoshop for tweaking, resizing, and other minor edits. My tablet is a 2010 Wacom Intuos4 Medium-size tablet.

What tools do you use for traditional artwork?
I use a trusty mechanical pencil for sketching, and a set of black Prismacolor pens for inking. For color, I like using acrylic paints, Primacolor colored pencils, and Copic sketch markers, as well as watercolor on occasion.

What type of materials do you use for your sculptures and charms?
All of my sculptures and charms are made with Original white Sculpey polymer clay, and baked at 200-275 degrees Fahrenheit. They are painted with acrylic paint, and given a clear coat of polyurethane to protect from scuffs and wear. For my bigger sculptures, I start with a wire armature, and bulk it up using foil and masking tape. Once the sculpture is shaped with clay and baked, I sand it to smooth it, and then paint it and give it a polyurethane gloss just like my smaller pieces.

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